IT Support & Consulting

Ourservices, LLC is a multifaceted IT service provider who specializes in cost effective linux based solutions. If you’re a business executive that is overwhelmed about where to begin and want to spend more time running your business and less time worrying about IT. Let our team of IT Experts handle your IT needs! Apart from improving the overall efficiency of your business, we also focus on reducing costs and offering solutions through our IT Consulting services.

Unsure about your organizations security? Contact us today and get your FREE performance and security consultation today! You’ll also receive a detailed report and advice from our experts to help create a custom plan for your company’s IT needs.

We offer customer tailored security solutions using only the most up-to-date software to keep your network safe from hackers, exploits and other forms of security risks.

With our Services, these are just some of the advantages:

Real-time protection – Proactive protection in a ever changing world.
Firewall – Manage any and all traffic in your network
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS/IDS) – pinpoints and guards your network from fast-spreading threats
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) – ensuring protected remote access

Whether it’s threats from virus’ or hackers your system will remain secure under our watchful eye.

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